We build custom Industrial Internet of Things, Mobile and Web applications


We interface to industry standard PLCs and utilize the latest technologies to build exciting web based HMIs.
We have experience interfacing with Alan-Bradley, Siemens, and other PLCs using OPC, OPC-UA, Modbus and TCP protocols.

Web Software Development

We have experience building software since 1994 -- it's our passion -- and we're always finding ways to become more efficient and explore new technologies. We specialize in custom data-driven web applications, using the latest technologies to create versatile solutions reaching across web and mobile platforms. We have experience with PHP, several JavaScript libraries and frameworks including nodeJS, jQuery, D3.js and more.


Since the launch of the first iPhones by Apple in 2007, and the G1 by Google in 2008, demand by users to access their tools and data continues to grow. We create native, custom iOS and Android applications.


We are experts with the development SDKs from Apple and Google but also have experience using cross-platform frameworks, such as PhoneGap. These frameworks allow for a single code-base across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Amazon and more.


xTarah has combined decades of experience managing software development projects led by a Project Management Professional (PMP). We offer professional consulting services including:

  • project management
  • product management
  • business analysis
  • risk analysis and strategy
  • project planning and execution
  • agile and adaptive strategies

Product Development

Have a new product idea? Let us help you transform your new idea into a delivered product. We know what it takes to turn an idea into a commercial product. By applying modern patterns and techniques we can help you flesh out and prototype your idea and then apply proven strategies to bring it to market.

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